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ICC Tower Hong Kong – Tentative

Tentative – 3:00 min Test

A three minute test of „Tentative“ art work, on the ICC Tower Hong Kong / Victoria Harbour. Using a total of 77.000 square meter on three-side-mediafacade with a hight of 484 meters.

In this video you only see two sides of three facade elements.


The video shows gestural interaction with a building. A human figure explores the contours and surfaces of the architecture surrounding it. The tentativeness of touch contrasts with the massiveness of the highrise on which these images are being displayed. The figure plays with the boundaries of the architectural space to create and comprehend it as a space for the human body. The work alludes to the rise of touch as primary means of our interaction with media, and to the tentativeness of our grasp of how contemporary media architectures transform our existence.

To get synchron and parallel movements, real filme was shot in a greenbox with three camera positions from different angel.





















Three sides of the facade are in use (west, south, east), the north side is permanently darkened at all times.





| Henrik Elburn

| film cut: Jan Tretschok

| dance: Türkten `Tiki` Türkmen – Sarah Kempf
| technical support: Tobias Heitz
| studio: HBK-saar – K8

Thanks for the helping hands to build up a „box“-filmset.
Special thanks to mum and dad.